Close Encounters of the Mega-Boobed Kind
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    Wearing a white mini-dress out of a brassiere, Minka douses herself with a bottle of water, turning her costume translucent, the humid fabric clinging to her mega-boobs.

    Minka leaves the terrace and comes in the abode to receive her soaked costume off, talk a bit and receive bare on the daybed to give her thick-lipped snatch a blessed ending.

    “U chaps call me, I’ll return once more,” told Minka when our photographer asks when we’ll watch her once more.

    SCORELAND: What do u like to do when u have free time?

    Minka: Go on vacation to resorts in Jamaica and Mexico. U know, I play tons of tennis. I am gonna begin playing greater amount in competition coz I love it. I am coming back coz each year I got hung.

    SCORELAND: Why do u receive dangled?

    Minka: I’ve a crew. I tutor, but I made ’em also powerful. Mentally heavy. We intimidate the other crew. Psyche ’em out. If u’re gonna be great, u get to have a mental game. And I am the tutor, so each crew is writing letters complaining about me, so I got strung up one year, and final year, afresh, a damsel’s crew wrote letters to the headquarters, so I got hung anew. They don’t like what I do with my playmate on the court, torso bumps and giving a kiss. It psyches out the other crew.

    SCORELAND: They might as well toss their racquets on the court and leave!

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