Fit Titz
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    Ever go to a fitness center and find yourself witnessing a lady on the machines instead of entirely concentrating on your exercises? Sure u have. We all have. How many of ’em looked like Bridgette B. and had Bridgette’s excellent figure?

    Bridgette B. has her own off the hook workout technology and SCORELAND‘s demonstrating it. Bridgette’s large titties shake on the cardio machine. This babe uses an exercise ball to work these cute, round ass-cheeks. Then this babe pours the contents of a water bottle all over her halter top and stretchy trousers. Cameltoe, anyone?

    Bridgette receives without her humid things and receives back on the ball to give herself some other kind of workout, this one highly old-school and hands-on. No rig needed.

    “I teach a lot at my gym,” says Bridgette. “I’m an junkie about working out.” But not exactly like this even however the gymophiles there would enjoy to watch her do that!

    Find out the Bonus movie “6 Things U Might Not Have Known About Bridgette B.”

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