Hookup & Large Brassieres
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    Delivery drivers wish of moments like this. It just not at any time happens. U watch, it is possible but it is just not plausible. Lascivious, buxomy dark brown cuties like Milly Marks just do not model their fresh brassiere purchases in their houses for strange delivery dudes. We fantasy they did. The world would be a more good place. They do not spontaneously pulverize strange brassiere delivery guys either after trying on brassieres for ’em. Or maybe they do and keep it a secret. Studs can wish. Or receive a job delivering brassieres and underware.

    SCORELAND: Milly, u mentioned that u’re shocked by the size of porn jizz-shotguns

    Milly: Yes, they’re massive. I am not used to it.

    SCORELAND: What are u used to?

    Milly: Average schlongs. I have been with a hardly any puny boys, but I’d say they’re usually average.

    SCORELAND: So what do u think about porn hard-on?

    Milly: It is scary, but it is hawt so it is kewl, and it feels superb.

    SCORELAND: Do u plan on seeing your episodes?

    Milly: I guess not. I have gone on SCORELAND and observed other people’s episodes, but I do not think I wanna see mine.

    SCORELAND: Why not?

    Milly: I guess it is highly different. It is like when u hear yourself on a voicemail, when u hear a recording, u do not wanna hear it cuz u think, “Do I sound like that?” I would be thinking, “Do I sight like that?” I do not wanna watch it. When I am in a unclothe club, I am not in front of a mirror when I am dancing, so it is different. But if I was dating somebody, it would be nifty to say, “This is the attach if u wanna see me.” It would most likely receive ’em off.

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