“How Stacked Am I?”
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    Alexya tries on brassieres and tape-measures herself in this 2nd Bonus movie.

    SCORE: What kind of brassieres do u like to wear?

    Alexya: It depends. I like to be killer and elegant. I like classic dark brassieres. Pinkish and beige brassieres.

    SCORE: When u go out, do u demonstrate off your bosom?

    Alexya: I like to be plain and not have my melons out so everybody will gaze. It is mad if I go out with lots of bosom demonstrating. If I go out wearing smth that shows off my jugs, I need to be with someone. Otherwise it is dangerous!

    SCORE: Are your bra-stuffers sensitive?

    Alexya: Yep, highly sensitive.

    SCORE: Do u like to play with your melons?

    Alexya: Solely if I’ve an audience.

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