Magnificent Women of the World: Milly Marks
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    There’re women, and then there’re super-hot, luxurious, chesty women that make a chap freeze at the view of ’em. Milly Marks is in that 2nd group and at the top. There might be some scenic glances behind Milly in this episode but who cares? The sight is all about youthful Milly and her twin peaks.

    “I enjoy it when a chap just sees me play with myself. I enjoy to taunt, but then u knew that. I feel fantastic when I make powerful eye contact with somebody I am attracted to. I have been said I’ve bedroom eyes all of the time. I can usually tell just by eye contact if somebody is interested or not. If a boy wishes to meet me this guy should be prepared to do soever it takes to sweep me off my soles.”

    So, if Milly, who’s highly raunchy, catches sight of somebody who catches her attention?

    “I’ll almost all likely try to make eye contact and then go from there if I receive a great vibe. I’ve no problem with making the 1st move.”

    We talked to Milly about a subject close to her heart. Brassieres.

    SCORELAND: Milly, what are some of your beloved brassiere brands?

    Milly: My beloved brassieres are the ones that fit me cosily which are firm to find! I do not have much dedication to one exact brand just yet. I am working on finding one.

    SCORELAND: Do u like wired, sports, pushup, shirt…?

    Milly: I enjoy a cute shirt brassiere coz they’re so cozy and work as a cute supportive hammock for my large knockers.

    SCORELAND: Do u buy ’em in stores or online?

    Milly: I do not like buying brassieres online ‘coz I know it most likely will not fit me right. Instead I shop at Nordstrom which is the solely department store that carries sizes large sufficiently for me. My boobies latterly got thicker and so I went over there in search of some size J cups and I did have some luck!

    SCORELAND: Do u sleep with a brassiere on?

    Milly: Mostly yep. Sometimes I go out of.

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