Melon Camp
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    Not at any time let it be told that SCORELAND does not honor the amazing accomplishments of military fellows and chicks here and abroad.

    Army trainee Candace Von adds her own hi during the time that we hello Candace in our own way. Reaching for her canteen, this babe pours the contents over her nice, big tank-top missiles. These deadly weapons are made of 100% innate ingredients. Is it a waste of resources to douse these babies in army water? Scarcely. But we’ll let the no-bullshit control instructor treat this situation. This guy’s sure to have Candace’s armaments well in forearm and as pretty soon as possible.

    Ten leaping jerks to be sure. Candace receives his message as her sugary titties spill out from all that motion. But Candace is wearing a non-government-issued brassiere that is found during the time that this babe’s running in place. That is sure to hoist the sergeant’s ire as well as his pocket pistol. This chab doesn’t like that one bit so there is solely one thing to do. Make recruit Candace do topless push-ups over his face.

    Is this in the handbook? Maybe not, but it is in the Large-Breast Boot Camp manual (watch page 23). Candace fastly learns that the most excellent way to a harsh control instructor’s heart is to unzip his fly. They will now engage every other in a hand-to-hand rencounter in poses not within Army guidelines. But sometimes, 2 soldiers need to improvise.

    Even Candace herself begins barking orders in her demand for a rock hard bedroll. It is a role reversal with a major geyser at the end as the sergeant nut his trainee in a very irregular procedure. Do not ask, do not tell. When drill a recruit stacked like Candace Von, keep your head in her foxhole.

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