The Hawt Woman
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    “I used to be a stewardess,” told Daniella Levy. This babe’s now a hawt female on British X-dresser where the chicks take phone calls and woo virginal fellows to lose their denim. U’ll be hearing how indecent Danniella can chat when u fire up this movie. This babe’s got the gift of non-stop masturbate talk and a rack to match.

    “I was a lap dancer as well. I did the entire polish. I would polish my thighs. I enjoyed it. I can still splash a move. I used to be a munch damsel, but now I have quieted down a bit, but when I go out, it is all-out. When I am in a club and someone craves to do a discharged, I put it betwixt my jugs and they take it from there.

    “When I am being actually obscene, I’ll say labia, but for everyday use, I’ll say noonie. We’ve a British term for breasts in cockney rhyming slang, Bristol Cities Melons.”

    Roddie commented, “I used to go to the club where Danni was a lap dancer but at no time eyed her. I of course wouldn’t have forgotten that spectacular body and titties!”

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