Cheery Chubette
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    And now for somebody who smiles a lot. “All the time,” says Emma, known as Smiley Emma. This babe does have a sexy smile. “I am genuinely lovely, effortless to chat to and I’m highly naive. I guess my most excellent physical features are my smile and my tits. True and there is a lot greater amount about Emma to make a chap smile and pitch a tent. This is Emma’s 1st time at XL Chicks. This babe can deep-throat her own nips (and hold ’em in her throat) and this babe likewise sports a pubic hair. U’ll enjoy her.

    “I like a boy to be cute and sincere. Somebody who is fair. Just be yourself and be naive. I actually do not go on dates. I need to know a chap and if hookup happens, it happens.”

    A cam model, Emma’s got 44-inch titties and wears 34M UK-size brassieres. “If I am going out, I’ll be wearing a cleavage-showing top and a handsome, lacey lingerie. At home, I choose no clothing at all!” Sounds superb to us. Thanks for coming to XL Women, Smiley Emma. Ya got to enjoy a woman who smiles a lot, who can deep-throat her own nips, and has a pubic hair.

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