Surfer Damsel
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    Nikky Naughtier…Surfer Woman? Works for us. Kowabunga!

    An XL Ladies regular with 5 trips to those hallowed halls of jugs and heinies since 2013, Nikky looks mighty tastey in her form-fitting surfer lady costume. Solely a hodad wouldn’t wanna figure surf with Nikky and on her. This babe could have run off down to the beach to hot-dog it but this babe’d rather give us a molten cum-show indoors. We’ll take that over her hanging-ten. Our strong longboards appreciate that.

    Nikky always looks good, moist or dry. “I enjoy my golden-haired hair looking its absolute most good. It heads superb with my large hooters. Getting my hair done makes me feel splendid.” Everything heads superb with her titties, especially our salty nuts sauce coating ’em.

    What should a chap do if by some extraordinaire, miraculous happenstance this guy comes face to face with Nikky somewhere? “Buy me a swallow and say greetings,” says Nikky. Works for us. We’ll even carry her board to her car.

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