The Mirror of Enjoyment
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    Charlotte Angel checks herself out in a full-length mirror. This babe not solely enjoys what this babe watches, this babe wishes to watch what this babe looks like as this babe wanks.

    XLGirls: U check yourself out in this mirror set. Have u ever jerked looking at yourself in a mirror?

    Charlotte Angel: No! That was a 1st for me!

    XLGirls: What about when witnessing one of your XL Chicks movies?

    Charlotte Angel: I certainly receive turned on. But after a confident point I begin focusing on whoever I am witnessing it with.

    XLGirls: Do u have any beloved boy-girl episodes so far? If u do, what makes it so unforgettable to u?

    Charlotte Angel: One of my favorites was one we discharged just latterly! It was with JMac and it was that coarse “toss u against the wall and plow the hell without u” kinda porn! So then this guy does this move that I suppose this chab is marvelous celebrated for, this pile driver, and I completely was not waiting it! All I hear is ‘Are u willing?’ and I am up in the air and like whoa! It was excellent but highly sudden!

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