Well-rounded Swimsuit Dame
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    Jane Deepthroat remembers her 1st time with a stud.

    “The 1st time I had hookup was a good practice. I was aroused but a adult baby bit startled, also. Some mates said me it actually hurt when a boy put his man sausage inwards, like they knew what they were chatting about. I later figured out they were lying, ‘coz they had a hundred questions for me later on. My beloved pose is doggie-style style.

    “I have to have each part of me massaged, kittled and vibrated in some way. That means I enjoy to have my melons played with and deepthroated and I enjoy to have my vagina and booty frigged simultaneously during the time that my nub is being slurped. I am not rock hard to make jizz if u know all the right tricks. One time u do, I am yours! So make me jizz rock hard!”

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