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    Who enjoys Dolly Fox’s large titties stacked on a slender and shapely rack? Who enjoys Dolly’s cool voice, the way this babe moves, how this babe eye-bangs? Boot paramours will likewise receive a kick without her 2nd episode.

    “Modeling, hookup and shopping” are Dolly’s top 3 interests. This babe says her off the hook talents are seducing fellows and ladies. Trying bungee leaping and being on the mask of SCORE magazine are on her list of goals. Hula hooping is more good than bungee leaping. Just sayin’.

    SCORE: Dolly, what is smth u have tried, but will not at any time do anew?

    Dolly: Fixing a computer!

    SCORE: What superpower would u like to have for one day?

    Dolly: It would be tons of enjoyment to be invisible for a day.

    SCORE: If u can select any word or sentence printed on your shirt, what would it be?

    Dolly: SCORE. I crave a SCORE reservoir top or a shirt.

    SCORE: Did u do any sightseeing in Prague during your SCORE discharges?

    Dolly: Just a adult baby. 1st, we worked firm to have the most excellent possible results, and, after our discharges, I preferred to ease off and love a lovely dinner.

    SCORE: Where do u like to voyage?

    Dolly: Where the sun glistens and the location is kinky.

    Dolly debuts in the January 2016 issue of SCORE. Check or the SCORELAND Blog to keep abreast of this edition and other print magazines.

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