Mrs. Robinson Unloads Out
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    Roxee Robinson’s boobage is overflowing her brassiere. In times like this, there is solely one thing to do and that is to ditch the breast holster and receive comfy.

    XLGirls: So, Roxee, do u store items in your bosom like other big-boobed ladies?

    Roxee: All the time. Mostly debit or credit cards.

    XLGirls: What kind of things have studs done to try to impress u?

    Roxee: All kinds of things. They give me flowers, perfume and bod products. And I enjoy it all. Keep trying to impress me cause I enjoy being spoiled!

    XLGirls: Do u ever go to undress clubs as a customer?

    Roxee: Not anymore. It was pleasure when I was junior however.

    XLGirls: Have your titties ever fallen without your top in public?

    Roxee: One time or twice. Cracked buttons on shirts in advance of also. I do not wear these kinds of shirts also often anymore. I do not want to take somebody’s eye out popping a button!

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